Putting a Cap on Community: The Economic and Social Consequences of Victoria’s Local Government Rate Caps Policy, Dan Nahum, Dec 2021

Working At Home, or Living at Work? Hours of Work, Unpaid Overtime, and Working Arrangements Through COVID-19, Dan Nahum, November 2021

International COVID-19 Income Supports: An Update, by Alison Pennington and Jim Stanford, November 2021

Ideas into Motion: Progressive Economics and Social Change Movements, by Jim Stanford, November 2021

The Future of Work in Journalism, by Jim Stanford, November 2021

Shock Troops of the Pandemic: Casual and Insecure Work in COVID and Beyond, by Jim Stanford, October 2021

Submission to the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry on the Australian Manufacturing Industry, by Jim Stanford and Dan Nahum, September 2021

An Avoidable Catastrophe: Pandemic Job Losses in Higher Education and their Consequences, by Eliza Littleton and Jim Stanford, September 2021

Post-COVID-19 policy responses to climate change: beyond capitalism?, by Mark Dean and Al Rainnie, September 2021

Fair Pay Agreements: How Workers in NZ Are Getting Their Share, Webinar with Craig Renney, August 2021

Creativity in Crisis: Rebooting Australia’s Arts and Entertainment Sector After COVID, by Alison Pennington and Ben Eltham, July 2021

The Broken Bargain: Australia's Growing Wages Crisis, Webinar with Sally McManus, July 2021

If You Thought Employers Were Exploiting Workers With Too Many Insecure Jobs Before The Pandemic, Wait Till You See The Figures Now, Dan Nahum, June 2021

Funding Quality Aged Care Services: A Summary, by David Richardson and Jim Stanford, June 2021

A Review of Lapsis, Dan Nahum, June 2021

Commentary: Why is Job Quality Worsening? Alison Pennington, June 2021

Industrial Policy-Making After COVID-19: Manufacturing, Innovation and Sustainability, by Mark Dean, Al Rainnie, Jim Stanford & Dan Nahum, June 2021

Video: Myth & Reality About Technology, Skills & Jobs, by Jim Stanford, June 2021

The Huge Contradiction at the Heart of the Federal Budget, May 2021

Investing in Better Mental Health in Australian Workplaces, by Liam Carter and Jim Stanford, May 2021

Funding High-Quality Aged Care Services, by David Richardson and Jim Stanford, May 2021

Rage & Optimism as an Activist Economist, Alison Pennington, April 2021

Expansion of Employer Power to Use Casual Work Hurts Women Most, Alison Pennington, April 2021

Surge in Women's Casual Work Widens Gender Pay Gap, Alison Pennington, March 2021

Senate Inquiry Into IR Omnibus Bill, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, February 2021

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Insecure Work, Dan Nahum, Apr 2021

Omnibus IR Bill Will Accelerate Non-Union Agreements & Further Reduce Wage Growth, Alison Pennington, Jan 2021

Migrant Workers Abandoned in the COVID Recovery, Alison Pennington, Jan 2021


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