Alison Pennington

Victorian Inquiry Offers Novel Routes to Regulating Gig Work, Alison Pennington, July 2020.

Austerity Threatens Women's Access to Paid Work, Alison Pennington, June 2020

Repairing Universities & Skills Key to Meeting COVID-Era Challenges, Alison Pennington, June 2020

Unleashing a National Reconstruction Plan Fit for Our Era, Alison Pennington, June 2020

Australia Needs Universal Paid Sick Leave To Get Through the Pandemic, Alison Pennington, May 2020

Log of Extraordinary IR Measures During COVID-19 Shutdowns, Alison Pennington, Apr 2020

Working from Home: Opportunities and Risks, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Gender Equality Still Far-Off in Australia's Labour Market, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Collective Bargaining “Reform”: What Does Business Want? And What Would Actually Fix the System?, Alison Pennington, Oct 2019

The Future of Work for Australian Graduates, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, Oct 2019

'Scourge Pricing': Understanding and Challenging Uber's Business Model, Alison Pennington, May 2019

Workplace Policy Reform in New Zealand: What are the Lessons for Australia?, Alison Pennington, Mar 2020

Paid Parental Leave for Fathers Advances Parental Equality, Alison Pennington, Sep 2019

Turning ‘Gigs’ Into Decent Jobs Submission to: Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Feb 2019

On the Brink: The Erosion of Enterprise Agreement Coverage in Australia’s Private Sector, Alison Pennington, Dec 2018

Are States Filling the Democratic Void?, Alison Pennington, Dec 2018


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