Dan Nahum

Working With COVID: Insecure Jobs, Sick Pay, and Public Health, by Dan Nahum and Jim Stanford, May 2022

Putting a Cap on Community: The Economic and Social Consequences of Victoria’s Local Government Rate Caps Policy, Dan Nahum, Dec 2021

Working At Home, or Living at Work? Hours of Work, Unpaid Overtime, and Working Arrangements Through COVID-19, Dan Nahum, Nov 2021

Submission to the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry on the Australian Manufacturing Industry, by Jim Stanford and Dan Nahum, Sep 2021

If You Thought Employers Were Exploiting Workers With Too Many Insecure Jobs Before The Pandemic, Wait Till You See The Figures Now, Dan Nahum, Jun 2021

A Review of Lapsis, Dan Nahum, Jun 2021

Industrial Policy-Making After COVID-19: Manufacturing, Innovation and Sustainability, by Mark Dean, Al Rainnie, Jim Stanford & Dan Nahum, June 2021

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Insecure Work, Dan Nahum, Apr 2021

2020 Year-End Labour Market Review: Insecure Work and the Covid-19 Pandemic, by Dan Nahum and Jim Stanford, Dec 2020

Work and Life in a Pandemic: An Update on Hours of Work and Unpaid Overtime Under COVID-19, Dan Nahum, Nov 2020

The Choices We Make: The Economic Future of Tasmania, Dan Nahum, Nov 2020

Commonwealth 2020-21 Budget Update: Dropping the Ball on Economic Reconstruction, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Public Service in Challenging Times: The Economic and Social Value of Public Sector Work in Queensland, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Submission to NSW Select Committee on the Future of Work, Dan Nahum, Jim Stanford, Aug 2020

Renewable Energy Could Power Australian Manufacturing Renaissance, Dan Nahum, May 2020

Pandemic Shows Australia Needs Domestic Manufacturing, Dan Nahum, Apr 2020



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