Better Work and Care? We need better care systems, secure work, and policies for worker-carers

Our submission to the Senate Select Committee on Work and Care addresses three areas for urgent reforms.

Changes to formal care systems must increase access and affordability, reduce reliance on markets and private provision, and address the poor quality of jobs in care sectors. These reforms are also essential investments in our children’s futures, in better care for our elders and in more opportunities for people with disability.

Insecure work undermines our care systems and undermines workers’ ability to combine work and care. Industrial relations changes to make work more secure must increase working time security to support adequate hours, predictable schedules and increased control over working time.

Working carers require rights to adequate paid parental leave, annual leave, personal and carers’ leave, and effective rights to request flexible work. Policies that support shared care within families, households and the community are especially important for supporting women’s workforce participation.

See our full submission here.


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