Contents and Authors

1.    Introduction: Australia, we have a problem – Jim Stanford, Tess Hardy & Andrew Stewart

2.    Charting wage stagnation in Australia – Jim Stanford

3.    Global perspectives on wage stagnation – Stephen Kinsella & John Howe

4.    What’s causing the wages slowdown? – Tess Hardy & Andrew Stewart

Part I. Wage-setting mechanisms and institutions

5.    Minimum wages – Tim Lyons

6.    Gender pay equity – Sara Charlesworth & Meg Smith

7.    Collective bargaining and power – David Peetz

8.    Public sector austerity and its spill-over effects – Troy Henderson

9.    Contracting out community services, marketisation & wages – Fiona Macdonald & Michael Pegg

10.  Executive remuneration in listed companies and wage-setting – Kym Sheehan

Part II. Business structures and vulnerable workers

11.  Fractured work – Josh Bornstein

12.  Wage theft and young workers – Keelia Fitzpatrick

13.  Temporary migrant workers, underpayment and predatory business models – Iain Campbell

14.  Is there a wages crisis facing skilled temporary migrants? – Joanna Howe

Part III. Stakeholder perspectives

15.  A business perspective – Saul Eslake

16.  A union perspective on the wages crisis and how to solve it – Damian Kyloh

17.  A community perspective: The human and social costs of wage stagnation – John Falzon

18.  Young Australians & the disrupted economy – Annette Cairnduff, Kelly Fawcett & Nina Roxburgh

19.  An investor perspective – Craig Shepherd & Penny Heard

Part IV. Finding solutions

20.  Conclusion: Wages and inclusive growth – Andrew Stewart, Jim Stanford and Tess Hardy

Appendix: An Overview of Labour Regulation in Australia – Andrew Stewart


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