Employment & Unemployment

Unleashing a National Reconstruction Plan Fit for Our Era, Alison Pennington, June 2020

Working from Home: Opportunities and Risks, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Australians Want JobKeeper Program Extended to Include All Who Need It, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Webinar: Protecting Jobs and Incomes During the Pandemic, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Open Letter From Economists and Policy Experts: Wage Subsidy to Protect Jobs During Pandemic, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Responding to the Economic Emergency, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Tolerate Unemployment, but Blame the Unemployed: The Contradictions of NAIRU Policy-Making in Australia, David Richardson, Nov 2019

Surprise: Newstart Doesn't Cause Unemployment!, Raja Junankar, Aug 2019

Update on Penalty Rates and Job-Creation: Two Years Later, Jim Stanford, Jul 2019

Australia’s Economy Heads Into Election on a Weak Note, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

Turning ‘Gigs’ Into Decent Jobs Submission to: Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Feb 2019

What’s a Million, Anyway? Australia’s 2013-18 Job Creation in Historical Perspective, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Matt Grudnoff, Jan 2019

Job Creation Record Contradicts Tax-Cut Ideology, Jim Stanford, Jan 2019

Four Views on Basic Income, Job Guarantees, and the Future of Work, Frances Flanagan, Troy Henderson, Ben Spies-Butcher, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

Penalty Rates and Employment: One Year Later, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Jul 2018

The Economic Importance of Public Services in Regional Communities in NSW, Troy Henderson, May 2018

A Comprehensive and Realistic Strategy for More and Better Jobs, Jim Stanford, May 2018

Job Growth No Guarantee of Wage Growth, Anis Chowdhury, Nov 2017

The Future of Work is What We Make It, Sarah Kaine, Jim Stanford, Jul 2017

The Paradox of Rising Underemployment and Growing Hours, Anis Chowdhury, Jul 2017

Economists Debunk Job-Creation Claims of Penalty Rate Cut, Stephen Koukoulas, John Quiggin, Jim Stanford, Apr 2017

Jobs and Growth... And a Few Hard Numbers A Scorecard on Economic Policy and Economic Performance, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016

Looking for "Jobs and Growth": Six Infographics, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016

Jobs and Growth... and a Few Hard Numbers, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016


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