Go Home on Time Day: Wednesday 20 November, 2019

Wednesday 20 November is the 11th annual "Go Home on Time Day," sponsored by the Centre for Future Work and the Australia Institute.

It's a light-hearted effort, once per year, to remind Australians of the value of leisure time – and to push back against the increasingly common expectation that workers should put in extra hours for their employers, without pay.

Please visit the special Go Home on Time Day website, where you can download posters, shareable graphics, and even a special "leave pass" to show your boss as you walk out the door ... on time!

Also, check out our updated research on the cumulative costs of unpaid overtime in Australia's economy. Survey data suggests the average Australian worker puts in almost 5 hours per week of unpaid overtime: coming in early, staying late, working through lunch and breaks, taking work home. Many employers expect this free labour as a sign of workers' "dedication," but it's unfair and in many cases illegal. Across the whole labour market, this theft of workers' time now amounts to some $81 billion per year. At a time of record low wage growth, that is a loss of income Australians simply cannot afford.

Join the fight to protect our free time! Go home on time!

Please see the full report, "Excessive Hours and Unpaid Overtime," by Bill Browne.


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