Insecure & Precarious Work

Educating for Care: Meeting Skills Shortages in an Expanding ECEC Industry, by Mark Dean, May 2022

Working With COVID: Insecure Jobs, Sick Pay, and Public Health, by Dan Nahum and Jim Stanford, May 2022

Working At Home, or Living at Work? Hours of Work, Unpaid Overtime, and Working Arrangements Through COVID-19, Dan Nahum, Nov 2021

What Next for Casual Work? Professor Andrew Stewart webinar recording, Dan Nahum, Nov 2021

Shock Troops of the Pandemic: Casual and Insecure Work in COVID and Beyond, by Jim Stanford, October 2021

If You Thought Employers Were Exploiting Workers With Too Many Insecure Jobs Before The Pandemic, Wait Till You See The Figures Now, Dan Nahum, Jun 2021

A Review of Lapsis, Dan Nahum, Jun 2021

Commentary: Why is Job Quality Worsening? Alison Pennington, June 2021

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Insecure Work, Dan Nahum, Apr 2021

Expansion of Employer Power to Use Casual Work Hurts Women Most, Alison Pennington, April 2021

Surge in Women's Casual Work Widens Gender Pay Gap, Alison Pennington, March 2021

Migrant Workers Abandoned in the COVID Recovery, Alison Pennington, Jan 2021

2020 Year-End Labour Market Review: Insecure Work and the Covid-19 Pandemic, by Dan Nahum and Jim Stanford, Dec 2020

IR Bill Will Cut Wages & Accelerate Precarity, Alison Pennington, Dec 2020

A Women's Agenda for COVID-era Reconstruction, Alison Pennington, Dec 2020

The Pandemic is Our Clarion Call to Rebuild Good Jobs, Alison Pennington, Nov 2020

Feature Interviews: Worker Voice in a Changing World of Work, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Oct 2020

Submission to NSW Select Committee on the Future of Work, Dan Nahum, Jim Stanford, Aug 2020

Victorian Inquiry Offers Novel Routes to Regulating Gig Work, Alison Pennington, July 2020

Austerity Threatens Women's Access to Paid Work, Alison Pennington, June 2020

Australia Needs Universal Paid Sick Leave To Get Through the Pandemic, Alison Pennington, May 2020

Precarity and Job Instability on the Frontlines of NDIS Support Work, Donna Baines, Fiona Macdonald, Jim Stanford, Jessie Moore, Nov 2019

Young Workers are "Shock Troops" of Precarious Labour Market, Jim Stanford, Nov 2019

The REAL Diary of an Uber Driver, Jim Stanford, Jan 2019

"Permanent Casuals," and Other Oxymorons, Jim Stanford, Oct 2018

Insecure work: The New Normal, Jim Stanford, Jun 2018

The Dimensions of Insecure Work: A Factbook, Tanya Carey, Jim Stanford, May 2018

A Portrait of Employment Insecurity in Australia: Infographic, Jim Stanford, May 2016



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