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Minimum Wage Awards Playing a Larger Role, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

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Denying Wages Crisis Won't Make It Go Away, Jim Stanford, May 2019

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Australia’s Economy Heads Into Election on a Weak Note, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

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New Book: The Wages Crisis in Australia, Jim Stanford, Nov 2018

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"Permanent Casuals," and Other Oxymorons, Jim Stanford, Oct 2018

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Auto Shutdown Will Deliver Another Economic Blow, Jim Stanford, Oct 2016

A Ringing but Ineffective Defence of Globalization, Jim Stanford, Oct 2016

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The Flawed Economics of Cutting Penalty Rates, Jim Stanford, Aug 2016

Jobs and Growth... And a Few Hard Numbers A Scorecard on Economic Policy and Economic Performance, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016

Manufacturing (Still) Matters, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016

Looking for "Jobs and Growth": Six Infographics, Jim Stanford, Jun 2016

Jobs and Growth... and a Few Hard Numbers, Jun 2016

A Portrait of Employment Insecurity in Australia: Infographic, Jim Stanford, May 2016

6 Reasons to Be Skeptical of Debt-Phobia, May 2016

State Income Taxes Would Promote Inequality and Debt, Apr 2016


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