Labour Standards & Workers' Rights

International Collective Bargaining Experts Explore Future System Reform, Alison Pennington and Jim Stanford, February 2022

Investing in Better Mental Health in Australian Workplaces, by Liam Carter and Jim Stanford, May 2021

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Insecure Work, Dan Nahum, Apr 2021

Omnibus IR Bill Will Accelerate Non-Union Agreements & Further Reduce Wage Growth, Alison Pennington, Jan 2021

IR Bill Will Cut Wages & Accelerate Precarity, Alison Pennington, Dec 2020

Work and Life in a Pandemic: An Update on Hours of Work and Unpaid Overtime Under COVID-19, Dan Nahum, Nov 2020

The Pandemic is Our Clarion Call to Rebuild Good Jobs, Alison Pennington, Nov 2020

Feature Interviews: Worker Voice in a Changing World of Work, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Oct 2020

Australia Needs Universal Paid Sick Leave To Get Through the Pandemic, Alison Pennington, May 2020

Log of Extraordinary IR Measures During COVID-19 Shutdowns, Alison Pennington, Apr 2020

Working from Home: Opportunities and Risks, Alison Pennington, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Union Organising and Labour Market Rules: Two Sides of the Same Coin, Jim Stanford, Jun 2019

Economics 101 for the ABCC, Jim Stanford, Apr 2019

Workplace Policy Reform in New Zealand: What are the Lessons for Australia?, Alison Pennington, Mar 2019

A Historic Opportunity to Change Direction, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

Raising the Bar, Jim Stanford, May 2018



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