Looking for "Jobs and Growth": Six Infographics

We have prepared six shareable infographics based on material in our research paper, "Jobs and Growth... and a Few Hard Numbers," which compared Australia's economic performance under the respective postwar Prime Ministers.

The infographics summarize several of the specific economic variables considered in the full report, dating back to 1950 (and Prime Minister Menzies) in most cases.  You are invited to download and share them.  For the full report (including a complete description of methodology and data sources), click here.

Infographic #1: Average Annual Growth, Real Wages

Infographic #2: Average Employment Rate

Infographic #3: Growth in Personal Debt

Infographic #4: Average Annual Growth, Business Investment

Infographic #5: Public Sector Investment

Infographic #6: 4 Signs of Turbulence Ahead


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