Macroeconomics: Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Budgets and more…

The Wages Crisis: Revisited, by Andrew Stewart, Jim Stanford, and Tess Hardy, May 2022

Ideas into Motion: Progressive Economics and Social Change Movements, by Jim Stanford, November 2021

Funding High-Quality Aged Care Services, by David Richardson and Jim Stanford, May 2021

The Choices We Make: The Economic Future of Tasmania, Dan Nahum, Nov 2020

Commonwealth 2020-21 Budget Update: Dropping the Ball on Economic Reconstruction, Jim Stanford, Alison Pennington, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Public Service in Challenging Times: The Economic and Social Value of Public Sector Work in Queensland, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Pay Equity in Community Services: The Consequences of Federal Budgetary Decisions, by Jim Stanford, September 2020

Unleashing a National Reconstruction Plan Fit for Our Era, Alison Pennington, June 2020

The Same Mistake Twice: The Self-Defeating Consequences of Public Sector Pay Freezes, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Australians Want JobKeeper Program Extended to Include All Who Need It, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Minimum Wage Awards Playing a Larger Role, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Open Letter From Economists and Policy Experts: Wage Subsidy to Protect Jobs During Pandemic, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Responding to the Economic Emergency, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Financialisation and the Productivity Slowdown, Anis Chowdhury, Mar 2020

Needle in a Haystack: Searching for the Impact of Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending and Economic Growth, Jim Stanford, Dec 2019

Tolerate Unemployment, but Blame the Unemployed: The Contradictions of NAIRU Policy-Making in Australia, David Richardson, Nov 2019

'Stuck-in-the-Mud' Workers Not to Blame for Wage Stagnation, Jim Stanford, Aug 2019

Wages, Taxes and the Budget: How to Genuinely Improve Living Standards, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Apr 2019

Budget 2019-20: Ooops, They Did It Again!, Jim Stanford, Apr 2019

Australia’s Economy Heads Into Election on a Weak Note, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

A Historic Opportunity to Change Direction, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

What’s a Million, Anyway? Australia’s 2013-18 Job Creation in Historical Perspective, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Matt Grudnoff, Jan 2019

Exploring the Decline in the Labour Share of GDP, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

Infographic: The Shrinking Labour Share of GDP and Average Wages, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

Four Views on Basic Income, Job Guarantees, and the Future of Work, Frances Flanagan, Troy Henderson, Ben Spies-Butcher, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

The Consequences of Fiscal Austerity in Western Australia, Cameron Murray, Troy Henderson, May 2018

A Comprehensive and Realistic Strategy for More and Better Jobs, Jim Stanford, May 2018

Wage Increases Beat Tax Cuts Any Day, Jim Stanford, May 2018

The Difference Between Trade and 'Free Trade', Jim Stanford, Mar 2018

Scare Tactics for Corporate Tax Cuts Do Not Stand Fact Checks, Anis Chowdhury, Jan 2018

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Labour Share of Australian GDP Hits All-Time Record Low, Jim Stanford, Jun 2017

Of Levies, Profits, and Backstops: The Bank Tax in Context, Jim Stanford, Jun 2017

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Budget Wrap-Up, Jim Stanford, May 2017

Don't Pop Champagne Corks Over Longest Growth Streak, Anis Chowdhury, Mar 2017

A Ringing but Ineffective Defense of Globalization, Jim Stanford, Oct 2016

A Ringing but Ineffective Defense of Globalization, Jim Stanford, Oct 2016

6 Reasons to Be Skeptical of Debt-Phobia, Jim Stanford, May 2016

State Income Taxes Would Promote Inequality and Debt, Jim Stanford, Apr 2016


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