Meet the Team

Tanya Carney

Tanya Carney is a social researcher with a fascination for the world of work. Tanya completed a Bachelors degree with Honours in Social Science and Policy, majoring in Industrial Relations in 2005 and completed her PhD in 2013, both from the University of New South Wales. Her PhD examined women's ability to maintain employment in their occupation over the course of motherhood, and how this varied depending on the occupation.

Since completing her PhD Tanya has worked on a number of projects focusing on: the training, licensing and employment of Australian aircraft maintenance engineers; the 'activation' experience of the unemployed and underemployed; and household risk and securitisation of household debt.

Tanya is passionate about issues of equity and social justice, and loves making textile handicrafts, particularly lace.

Photo of Troy HendersonTroy Henderson

Troy Henderson is an economist with a particular interest in the past, present and future of work in Australia. He received a Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences and a Master of Arts (Research) in Political Economy from the University of Sydney. He is completing his PhD in 2018.

His Masters research focused on The Four-Day Workweek as a Policy Option for Australia, while his PhD thesis explores Basic Income as a Policy Option for Australia.

He has published academic articles and book chapters on these and other work-related topics, and has undertaken economic consulting work for Public Services International. He has presented at national and international conferences, and is a regular media commentator.

He is passionate about fair work, social justice, cricket and the NBA.


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