Meet the Team

Alison Pennington

Alison Pennington is Senior Economist with the Centre for Future Work. Her research focus is on work in Australia today, and in the future. She received a Master of Political Economy from the University of Sydney. Her research focus was on the Australian finance system, housing and inequality. 

Alison has written for the Centre for Future Work on the evolution of collective bargaining, future skills, and labour market policies, and has a background in public finance, and public sector unions. She has a particular interest in industrial relations, young workers, and passions for music and the AFL. Twitter: @ak_pennington






Dan Nahum

Dan Nahum is Economist with the Centre for Future Work. His research interests include industrial transformation, labour markets in low-carbon economies, government finances, and inequity and inequality.

Dan Nahum

Previous to joining the Centre for Future Work, he held roles in the Australian government in various social and economic policy fields, including Indigenous Affairs and the Office for Women, and was also a union delegate with the Community and Public Sector Union.

He holds a Masters of Political Economy from the University of Sydney, where he focused on the moral dimensions of climate change, and an Honours degree from Macquarie University. Dan is also an active musician. Twitter: @Dan_Nahum

Together with Director Jim Stanford, the Centre for Future Work team are having an outsized impact on the Australian public debate over the future of work, wages, and industrial relations!



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