Public Sector Work, Public Services, and Procurement

The Importance of the Care Economy, interview with Fiona Macdonald, September 2022

At the Crossroads: What is the post-COVID future of Australia’s Public Universities?, by Eliza Littleton, April 2022

The Economic Benefits of High-Quality Universal Early Child Education, Matt Grudnoff, April 2022. 

Australia's Skills System Continues to Crumble After COVID, Alison Pennington, March 2022

Putting a Cap on Community: The Economic and Social Consequences of Victoria’s Local Government Rate Caps Policy, Dan Nahum, Dec 2021

Funding Quality Aged Care Services: A Summary, by David Richardson and Jim Stanford, June 2021

Funding High-Quality Aged Care Services, by David Richardson and Jim Stanford, May 2021

A Women's Agenda for COVID-era Reconstruction, Alison Pennington, Dec 2020

The Choices We Make: The Economic Future of Tasmania, Dan Nahum, Nov 2020

Public Service in Challenging Times: The Economic and Social Value of Public Sector Work in Queensland, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Pay Equity in Community Services: The Consequences of Federal Budgetary Decisions, Jim Stanford, Sept 2020

Webinar: How TAFE Can Drive Australia's Skills and Jobs Recovery, Alison Pennington, Aug 2020

Rebuilding TAFE System Critical to Economic Recovery, Alison Pennington, Aug 2020

Repairing Universities & Skills Key to Meeting COVID-Era Challenges, Alison Pennington, June 2020

The Same Mistake Twice: The Self-Defeating Consequences of Public Sector Pay Freezes, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Precarity and Job Instability on the Frontlines of NDIS Support Work, Donna Baines, Fiona Macdonald, Jim Stanford, Jessie Moore, Nov 2019

Messing With Success: Victoria’s Puzzling Turn to Austerity, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Oct 2019

Are States Filling the Democratic Void?, Alison Pennington, Dec 2018

Raising the Bar, Jim Stanford, May 2018

The Economic Importance of Public Services in Regional Communities in NSW, Troy Henderson, May 2018

The Consequences of Fiscal Austerity in Western Australia, Cameron Murray, Troy Henderson, May 2018

A Portable Training Entitlement System for the Disability Support Services Sector, Rose Ryan, Jim Stanford, Apr 2018

False Economies: The Unintended Consequences of NSW Public Sector Wage Restraint, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Sep 2017

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish The Economic and Fiscal Costs of Offshoring Public Procurement, Jim Stanford, Aug 2016




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