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More Resources on Australia's Wages Crisis, various authors, May 2022

The Wages Crisis: Revisited, by Andrew Stewart, Jim Stanford, and Tess Hardy, May 2022

Why there’s no magic jobless rate to increase Australians’ wages, by Jim Stanford, February 2022

The Broken Bargain: Australia's Growing Wages Crisis, Webinar with Sally McManus, July 2021

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Insecure Work, Dan Nahum, Apr 2021

Surge in Women's Casual Work Widens Gender Pay Gap, Alison Pennington, March 2021

Omnibus IR Bill Will Accelerate Non-Union Agreements & Further Reduce Wage Growth, Alison Pennington, Jan 2021

IR Bill Will Cut Wages & Accelerate Precarity, Alison Pennington, Dec 2020

Public Service in Challenging Times: The Economic and Social Value of Public Sector Work in Queensland, Dan Nahum, Oct 2020

Submission to NSW Select Committee on the Future of Work, Dan Nahum, Jim Stanford, Aug 2020

Australia Needs Universal Paid Sick Leave To Get Through the Pandemic, Alison Pennington, May 2020

Australians Want JobKeeper Program Extended to Include All Who Need It, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Webinar: Protecting Jobs and Incomes During the Pandemic, Jim Stanford, Apr 2020

Minimum Wage Awards Playing a Larger Role, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Open Letter From Economists and Policy Experts: Wage Subsidy to Protect Jobs During Pandemic, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Catalogue of International Initiatives to Support Workers through COVID-19, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

Responding to the Economic Emergency, Jim Stanford, Mar 2020

The Long-Term Cost of Frozen Wages, Jim Stanford, Feb 2020

Seminar Presentation: Superannuation & Wages in Australia, Jim Stanford, Feb 2020

Needle in a Haystack: Searching for the Impact of Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending and Economic Growth, Jim Stanford, Dec 2019

Excessive Hours and Unpaid Overtime: 2019 Update, Tom Swann, Jim Stanford, Nov 2019

The Relationship Between Superannuation Contributions and Wages in Australia, Jim Stanford, Nov 2019

Messing With Success: Victoria's Puzzling Turn to Austerity, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Oct 2019

Surprise: Newstart Doesn't Cause Unemployment!, Raja Junankar, Aug 2019

'Stuck-in-the-Mud' Workers Not to Blame for Wage Stagnation, Jim Stanford, Aug 2019

Update on Penalty Rates and Job-Creation: Two Years Later, Jim Stanford, Jul 2019

Kick-Starting Wage Growth: 3 Things the Commonwealth Government Could Do NOW, Jim Stanford, Jun 2019

Real Wage Cuts Hit Marginal Electorates Hard, Jim Stanford, May 2019

Minimum Wage to Rise 3% for 2019-20, Jim Stanford, May 2019

Denying Wages Crisis Won't Make It Go Away, Jim Stanford, May 2019

The Importance of Minimum Wages to Recent Australian Wage Trends, Jim Stanford, May 2019

April Holiday Cluster Highlights Income Losses From Reduced Penalty Rates, Jim Stanford, Apr 2019

Wages, Taxes and the Budget: How to Genuinely Improve Living Standards, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Apr 2019

8 Things to Know About the Living Wage, Jim Stanford, Mar 2019

Private Sector Wage Growth Still in Doldrums, Jim Stanford, Dec 2018

Workers’ Share of Economic Pie Shrinks Again, Jim Stanford, Dec 2018

New Book: The Wages Crisis in Australia, Jim Stanford, Nov 2018

Go Home on Time Day: Excessive Hours and Unpaid Overtime: 2018 Update, Jim Stanford, Nov 2018

Exploring the Decline in the Labour Share of GDP, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

Infographic: The Shrinking Labour Share of GDP and Average Wages, Jim Stanford, Aug 2018

Penalty Rates and Employment: One Year Later, Jim Stanford, Troy Henderson, Jul 2018

A Comprehensive and Realistic Strategy for More and Better Jobs, Jim Stanford, May 2018

Wage Increases Beat Tax Cuts Any Day, Jim Stanford, May 2018

Restoring Dignity and Respect: Rebuilding NSW’s Workers Compensation System, Ian Watson, Jim Stanford, Apr 2018

Wages Crisis Has Obvious Solutions, Jim Stanford, Apr 2018

NSW Workers’ Compensation Funding, Jim Stanford, Dec 2017

Job Growth No Guarantee of Wage Growth, Anis Chowdhury, Nov 2017

The Consequences of Wage Suppression for Australia's Superannuation System, Jim Stanford, Sep 2017

False Economies: The Unintended Consequences of NSW Public Sector Wage Restraint, Troy Henderson, Jim Stanford, Sep 2017

Senate Testimony on Cutting Penalty Rates, Jim Stanford, Aug 2017

Labour Share of Australian GDP Hits All-Time Record Low, Jim Stanford, Jun 2017

Penalty Rates, Minimum Wages, and Purchasing Power, Jim Stanford, Jun 2017

Tip of the Iceberg: Weekend Work and Penalty Pay in 108 Australian Industries, Jim Stanford, May 2017

A "Transition" to Nowhere, Jim Stanford, Mar 2017

Economists Debunk Job-Creation Claims of Penalty Rate Cut, Stephen Koukoulas, John Quiggin, Jim Stanford, Apr 2017

Self-Defeating Economics of the Penalty Rate Cut, Jim Stanford, Feb 2017

Beyond Belief: Construction Labour and the Cost of Housing in Australia, Jim Stanford, Nov 2016

The Flawed Economics of Cutting Penalty Rates, Jim Stanford, Aug 2016



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